Why reDESIGNed?

HI!  I’m Amanda and welcome!  I wanted to share a little with you about why reDESIGNed was created.  I’m a mom of 3, a wife, an RN and I have so many passions.  I’ve been struggling with finding my voice the past 4 years and how to share my different avenues of infuence without turning people away. You see, inspiring hope is my passion- but what this looked like, and how I could share this with others has always felt a bit muddled or complicated because I felt like I had to choose which passion would define who I was and what that hope looked like.  Do I inspire hope with my career as an RN?  Do I inspire hope with my health coaching practice? Do I inspire hope with my love for essential oils? Do I inspire hope as a parent? How do I choose which path? (we all know some days we wish we could choose not to be a parent, but go with me here) Until recently did I realize that all of these avenues make up who I am. They are all a part of the bigger dream.

I recently felt a prompting from God- what if there was an avenue where you could express all your different passions under one roof?  What would that look like?  It can be done- you don’t have to choose. I have put each of those in you. You can cultivate them and share them with who needs your inspiration.  Thus, the reDESIGNedblog was born.

I want to inspire others who come here to catch glimpses of the passions my world. I have a passion to help other’s reDESIGN their health. To me this is multifaceted- healthy body, healthy mind, healthy finances. I have coached many to health with my health coaching practice. I want to inspire hope there. Stick around and I will share my story and the many things I have learned from my clients.. I love to reDESIGN my home and am always looking for the next DIY project. I would love to help inspire you to create beauty in your home as well. I’m a mom- and Lord knows us moms crave community. My hope is that you could find that here.  Dads are welcome as well. Parenting is hard. Let’s help each other carry the burden a bit. My ultimate hope here is that you will catch glimpses of God at work in my life as he also reDESIGNs me. So join me as we reDESIGN life- health, home, family, and whatever we pick up along the side of the road that might need a reDESIGN.


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